Scientific advances and innovation

IBOCS ballasting shells must be able to stabilize and limit the curvature of submarine electrical cables, even during heavy swell conditions.

The deployment of the solution in the SEM-REV offshore test site must allow the device to be tested under conditions similar to those of an offshore wind farm, especially in the extreme conditions of winter.

A follow-up of the abrasion, the corrosion and the biological fouling of the cables will also be realized.

Expected technical and economic impact

Cast iron shells will be used to ballast underwater electrical cables, but also to protect them under heavy swell conditions. The expected impact is a significant reduction in the cost of electrical connection of EMR solutions, and therefore of the cost per kWh.

Key project milestones

  • 2014 - Launch of the IBOCS project (first part)
  • 2016 - End of the IBOCS project (firts part)
  • 2017 - Launch of the IBOCS/FORESEA project (second part) : project to test the ballasting shells at the SEM-REV test site
  • 2018 - Deployment of the ballasting shells at the SEM-REV site