Specific skills in the MRE field

The Jules Verne Technological Research Institute is the only one in France to develop innovative production technologies for Marine Renewable Energies. As part of a global strategy for technological development, its budget is currently devoted to projects with concrete applications in the field of MRE, for example:

  • hydrodynamics of structures at sea (interactions with the wave / numerical basin)
  • manufacturing and assembly processes (automation, composite processes for large dimensions …)
  • performance improvement (durability, corrosion, lightening, …)
  • SHM and smart materials
  • visualization systems in complex environments

Products or services in MRE

The service offer of IRT Jules Verne focuses on the industrial needs. It is accessible to any company engaged in an approach of innovation and development whatever its size and whatever its sector of activity.

IRT Jules Verne offers three types of services:

  • Research and development
  • Access to equipment
  • Technology transfer

Projects in MRE

HOBIT project: Manufacture of tidal turbine blades in series

Tidal energy represents a strong potential and the geographical situation of France, but also of the United Kingdom, is favorable to the development of this renewable marine energy, the market should benefit from a strong development in the next years.

In order to produce several thousand of 8 m long water turbine blades made of composites, a consortium of regional SMEs has been set up to develop an automated manufacturing process.

The research work concerns the development of reliable calculation means as well as tools and processes specifically adapted to high speeds. The automation of finishing operations and the formulation of a protective coating should also make it possible to respond to market demands.