Specific skills in the MRE field

Ocean Zoom is rich from a knowledge and an expertise acquired during several years of experience. We can step in at different stages in the MRE sector: faunistic inventories, fine knowledge of the environment, ecological, chemical and physical environmental monitoring, compensating measures development in the case of organic or metallic pollutions.

Products or services in MRE

  • Chemical and physical elements or environmental conditions temporal and spatial monitoring, on the long term (before and after construction), to discriminate the changes due to MRE, and those due to other causes.
  • Marine environment compensating measures against products issued from MRE (anodes corrosion…).
  • Faunistic inventories (benthic and planktonic).
  • Planktonic biomass monitoring.
  • New indicators development for the ecological, chemical and physical monitoring.

Projects in MRE

Based on our expertise and competences, Ocean Zoom would like to develop two types of projects in the service of MRE:

  1. Production of decision-making tools for the MRE project promoters and the state, through the study of sedimentary archives to discriminate the portion of the environmental changes accountable for the MRE, and those due to other causes.
  2. Deployment of filtering biological structures, catching and storing metallic elements issued from anodes corrosion.