Specific skills in the MRE field

RTE is in charge of connecting new producers, such as offshore wind farms, to its network, and of developping the network and interconnections with neighboring countries that can use the maritime domain. The company is now also in charge of the delivery of the electrical substations for the connection of the French wind farms from the 3rd round of calls for tenders.

The company is involved in all the phases of development of an MRE project:

  • STUDIES AND DEVELOPMENT: Electrotechnical studies of the MRE offshore farms on the electricity transmission network and Technical engineering studies, R&D studies
  • AUTHORIZATIONS: Consultation and environmental studies and authorizations to obtain
  • CONSTRUCTION: Realization of the connections in close relation with the producers and Project management of the work of connection
  • EXPLOITATION: Integration of MRE in the electrical system and operation and maintenance of offshore links

Projects in MRE

In addition to offshore wind farm connections, RTE is developing a number of projects using maritime space that rely on DC technology because of the significant underwater lengths. It includes projects for interconnection lines between Lower Normandy and the English coast, between Brittany and Ireland, and between Cotentin and Devon. A new interconnection project is also underway between northern Spain and New Aquitaine via the Bay of Biscay.

In total, the company today has projects covering 1,500 km of underwater links projects (EMR + interconnections), which will be added to the historic “IFA 2000” link. For the development of offshore electrical networks, RTE is committed to respecting all the specificities of this environment.

RTE is a partner in the WEAMEC COMEOL research project.

Training in the MRE field

The company is involved in the training module “Electrical Design and connection” in the WEAMEC “MRE technical advisor” Certificate.