EuropeWave Call

A new opportunity for wave energy developers to advance their technology is on its way, thanks to the EuropeWave project. The project is calling on wave developers to give input into its Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP), a tender which will open in June 2021.

Wave energy developers can find out more about the planned process and are invited to register their interest in the future tender via a Prior Information Notice (PIN).

A consultation webinar

On 26th April, a consultation webinar will be held to allow direct feedback and questions from participants. Advance queries can be submitted up to a week ahead of the webinar.


Originally pioneered by Wave Energy Scotland, this PCP model provides a structured approach, fostering greater openness, collaboration and sharing of risk between the public sector and technology developers. The programme will focus on the highest priority technology areas for the advancement of wave energy systems: scale prototypes, off-grid applications and mooring systems.

Registrations to the webinar here.