In 2020 the European Commission published an ambitious development strategy integrated into the European Green Deal to bring renewable energy’s capacity to 340GW by 2050. Overtaken by the UK, Denmark and Germany,  France took off slowly with the ambition to catch up, deploy large-scale offshore strategies and industrialise promising innovation.

Scaling up requires collective action and cooperation across the value chain, investors and the public sector. A favorable legal framework is also needed to plan and implement manufacturing and production sites in the coming years.

Which scaling-up strategies and tools are vital for innovation to sprout? What key lessons can we learn from other European countries to stimulate the French market? How to structure a new industry within the blue economy in compliance with existing energy production methods and environmental protection?


Why attend?

  1. Discover marine renewable and offshore energy market opportunities to facilitate the green and blue transition.
  2. Learn from European countries that have successfully address the European Green Deal challenge.
  3. Source accessible and actionable solutions to address your CSR challenges and meet with innovators and solutionists who are about to bring their innovation to scale.
  4. Participate in the development of a new industry within the blue economy
  5. Prepare for the French national forum on Marine Renewable Energy organised by the French Renewable Energy Trade Association (SER)  on June 22.


The webinar is free to attend and will be delivered in English.