Training content

Training on technology and maintenance of pneumatic systems :

MODULE 1: Fundamentals & tire technology

  • Recall of the physical laws of compressed air (Pressure, Flow)
  • Air quality (Standards, need according to application, dew point, refrigeration / adsorption dryer)
  • Air Conditioning Study (Filter, Pressure Regulator, Lubricator, Isolation Valve, Pressure Relief Disconnect, Safety Devices)
  • The schematic in pneumatics on your equipment
  • Pneumatic symbols and new standards
  • Study and dimensioning of the actuators (linear cylinders single and double effect, rotary cylinder …)
  • Study and dimensioning of the distributors (Representation, Function, Control, connection, sizing, choice and optimization of the distributors according to the requested flows)
  • Study and dimensioning of circuit auxiliaries (Speed ​​controller, CAR, Blocker, quick drain)
  • Study of connections (choice of connections and tubes, main causes of leaks and remedies)
  • Energy saving, consumption of a pneumatic circuit: The cost, The good choices?
  • Safety in Pneumatic Circuit Design (Standards, Recommendations)

MODULE 2: Maintenance of pneumatic equipment   

  • Preventive maintennace
  • Intervention safety to be respected on pneumatic installations
  • Identify actions to put in place to correct air leaks
  • Locate non-performing products

Specific contribution to MRE

Raise the skills of maintenance operators, assemblers and design offices in the hydraulic fields of power, lubrication and cooling.