As a major player in research in the Pays de la Loire region, Centrale Nantes is one of the leaders in the structuring of the marine renewable energy (MRE) sector. Centrale Nantes is participating in the establishment of the West Atlantic Marine Energy Center (WEAMEC). This cluster brings together academic actors and companies involved in the field of MRE in the Pays de la Loire region in the areas of research, training and innovation. Currently, some thirty institutions and laboratories as well as over 90 regional companies are collaborating on research, training and innovation projects in the MRE sector.


Gwenaelle Le Goff, Research development

As head of Research development, Gwenaelle Le Goff supports WEAMEC-member Research teams in financing and carrying out their projects. She will contribute to reinforce the scientific expertise of Region Pays de Loire on Marine Renewable Energies and to involve the regional Research network into European projects. She will listen to your needs connected to research projects and remains your first-hand contact in order to connect WEAMEC members.


Gwenaelle Le Goff’s career path

With a PhD in oceanography obtained in Paris VI University, Gwenaelle Le Goff first worked in Cedre, in Brest, on accidental spills at sea. From 2004 to 2006, she studied anthropic pollution of the backreef in Reunion Island. She then lived in Antillas, Spain and Brittany, teaching mathematics and statistical methods and educating herself to project management. From now, Gwenaelle Le Goff is in charge of developping Research in WEAMEC.