Through our involvment in the OPIN project WEAMEC supports the initiative regarding a Collaborative Innovation Group (CIG) led by SIRRIS and comprising 6 companies, 1 test centre and 6 research organisations working together to create awareness of the impact of corrosion on offshore renewable projects and how corrosion monitoring can lead to improved corrosion management.

The CIG plans to highlight the opportunity offered by remote monitoring, showcase how remote monitoring can reduce the LCoE of ocean energy devices and identify what barriers need to be overcome to make a wider uptake of corrosion monitoring feasible.

To allow us to align this work with the requirements, needs and expectations for corrosion monitoring in wave, tidal and floating wind energy devices we are seeking input from the industry. We have created an online Questionnaire to gather information on previous experiences and future demands from ocean energy developers, the R&D community and supply chain organisations.
If you’re confronted with the problem of corrosion or are working on ways to deal with it we would love to hear from you.

Help us by completing the questionnaire on this link!  The questionnaire will close on 22nd January 2021.