As a major player in research in the Pays de la Loire region, Centrale Nantes is one of the leaders in the structuring of the marine renewable energy (MRE) sector. Centrale Nantes is participating in the establishment of the West Atlantic Marine Energy Center (WEAMEC). This cluster brings together academic actors and companies involved in the field of MRE in the Pays de la Loire region in the areas of research, training and innovation. Currently, some thirty institutions and laboratories as well as over 90 regional companies are collaborating on research, training and innovation projects in the MRE sector.



Thibault Pasquier, innovation project manager

As Innovation Project officer, Thibault Pasquier is helping WEAMEC members to build and develop their research and innovation projects in order to materialize them through funding programs, including regional, national and European. In order to achieve his mission, Thibault will use his experience and know how in innovation and research management program at the service of the WEAMEC community. He will be in charge of WEAMEC project call. He is and also one of your privileged point of contact for helping you to build your research and innovation projects, finding partnerships, or targeting adapted funding’s programs for Marines Renewable Energies.


Thibault Pasquier’s career path

Graduated in 2007 by a Master in technology Transfer and European Project management at the University of Angers, Thibault Pasquier has started his professional career as European project manager at the Université de Bretagne-sud. In 2010, he became Innovation business advisor at the Chamber of Commerce of region Nord –Pas-de-Calais where he started and managed collaborative projects regrouping companies and research centres of the region. In 2014, and for five years, Thibault has been working as partnerships, Research and Development manager at the SATT Nord, technology transfer office of researches centres of the North Region. In 2020, Thibault has joined the team of the ID4CAR Cluster at Nantes as Innovation project manager. He was there in charge of the support and building of innovation project and of the project labelling process by the cluster. Now Thibault is part of the WEAMEC team, as innovation project manager.



Thomas Fournier, training project manager

Thomas Fournier, in his capacity as Training Project Manager, is responsible for developing and maintaining WEAMEC’s Executive Education Unit.  This unit is geared towards companies already established in the MRE market as well as companies wishing to develop their MRE activity, and also towards people wishing to retrain and benefit from the opportunities offered by this sector. Research and innovation activities contribute to the content of these training courses on an ongoing basis.

Thomas Fournier replaces Anne-Laure Kabalu, who joined Nantes University as international project manager for hybrid courses.


Thomas Fournier’s career path

He graduated from the University of Quebec in 2014 with a PhD in Education Sciences in partnership with Nantes University. During his studies, he worked as an educational assistant in charge of new technologies at the Ministry of Education and then as a lecturer and researcher at the LERTIE laboratory at the University of Trois-Rivières. After completing his studies, he became Head of Pedagogical Engineering at Oniris-Pôle Vétérinaire in 2018 and then Training Manager/Educational Advisor at Campuseo in Nantes in 2021. Thomas Fournier joined the WEAMEC team last February, where he now holds the position of Training Project Manager.