Scientific advances and innovation

Within COBOBIO, a new type of bio-inspired electrical sensors allows contact and blind detection before detecting an obstacle, inspecting a surface, and manipulating objects precisely.
The electro-haptic loop makes it possible to inform the operator by a return of force on the master control arm and thus to increase his perception of the intervention scene.

MRE applications:
The results of the COBOBIO project will allow for an industrial transfer of technology with direct applications for all on-site installation and maintenance of MRE systems (eg jacket inspection, cable connection, etc…).
In the long term, it is possible to envisage extending the application framework to the transport vector itself for guiding underwater vehicles.

Expected technical and economic impact

  • In-situ installation and maintenance of MRE systems
  • Active safety to limit breakage of remotely operated arms
  • Reduction of offshore operations time
  • Expansion of operational capacities
  • Improved operator working conditions

Key project milestones

  • May 2014 - Project kick-off
  • December 2015 - Electro-haptic loop in the water
  • December 2017 - Demonstrator of offshore tele-operation
  • May 2018 - Electro-haptic loop in the air


  • Demonstration of the electro-haptic loop in water
  • Demonstration of offshore tele-operation
  • Demonstration of the electro-haptic loop in the air