Specific skills in the MRE field

In the Pays de la Loire region, CEA Tech has set up industrial research platforms at the TechnoCampus OCEAN in Bouguenais, that conduct R & D activities aimed at fueling innovation, notably in the field of Marine Renewable Energies. Current projects are:

  • the prototyping and qualification of MRE systems under environmental conditions (SEASTORAGE project)
  • RX robotic tomography inspection of industrial parts made of composite and metallic materials of large dimensions and complex geometry resulting from advanced production methods, such as blades of hydro or wind turbines (ELIXIR Platform)
  • the development of tele-operated cobotic solutions for handling underwater turbine conditions, assistance in inspecting underwater structures or connecting submarine electric cables (COBOBIO project)
  • the monitoring of the structural health of MRE electrical cables subjected to mechanical and electrical stresses (DIACAM project)
  • the monitoring of the structural health of wind turbines for predictive and local maintenance (MONEOL project)

Products or services in MRE

The structure carries out research and development activities in the field of MRE with industrial players in the Pays de la Loire region.

Projects in MRE

The MRE projects are: