Scientific advances and innovation

The advances and innovations adressed within the HOOPLA project are:

  • Original pluridisciplinar approaches at different spatial scales.
  • New geochemical tools (2D imagery of pore water chemistry) performed for the first time in Haploops fields.
  • Determination of a biotic index based on benthic foraminifera for wind power farming problematics yet non-existent.

Expected technical and economic impact

The expected impacts of the HOOPLA project are:

  • Physical chemical characterization of micro-habitats colonized by Haploops
  • Foraminiferal ecology description
  • Temporal dynamics of Haploops fields and subsequent impact on nutrient recycling
  • Impact of anchorings and partially buried cabling from the experimental station SEM-REV on this ecosystem
  • Development of indexes of ecological state based on studied indicators (i.e., foraminifera and Haploops)

Key project milestones

  • September 2016 - Project kickoff
  • January 2018 - Haploops field mapping follow up
  • January 2019 - Ecological and geochemical description
  • November 2020 - Scientific publications, index elaboration, PhD thesis defense


Within the HOOPLA project, the following demonstrators are used:

  • Impact of embedded or buried structures from the SEM-REV station on the geographic coverage of Haploops fields.
  • Comparison of foraminiferal ecology and sedimentary geochemistry between bare sediment, colonized sediment and impacted sediment.



Publications and papers published

Oral communications

For a non-specialist audience:

  • La Mer XXL, exposition universelle – Exposition “Les Haploops” – 29 juin/12 juillet 2019 : Espace “Carré des Sciences” avec Centrale Nantes et l’Université de Nantes, ainsi que 2 tables rondes sur l’éolien flottant
  • Exposition “Foraminifères, l’océan à la loupe” au Muséum des Sciences Naturelles d’Angers – Exposition en partenariat avec l’Université d’Angers dans le cadre du projet WEAMEC HOOPLA, du 12 novembre 2020 au 19 septembre 2021.
  • FILM “Haploops & Pockmarksson”, réalisé par Quentin LETOUT & Agathe ZAVARO dans le cadre du projet HOOPLA