Scientific advances and innovation

The following advances and innovations will be investigated within the OWARD project:

  • For now: models are available for AC distributions. Studies are made only on HVDC links.
  • Integration of a hybridization between AC and DC.
  • Elaborate a simulation tool able to manage exogenous constraints, made for the definition of optimal architectures.

Expected technical and economic impact

The expected impacts of the OWARD project are:

  • Model the economical and technical constraints in offshore wind farms.
  • Optimize the architecture of such installations with DC distribution and transportation electrical network.
  • Increase the efficiency and the profitability of MRE installations.

Key project milestones

  • October 2016 - Project kick-off
  • October 2017 - Model synthesis and optimization problem formulation
  • October 2018 - The optimization platform is operational
  • October 2020 - End of project (PhD defense)


  • Optimization platform for MRE parks architectures.
  • Creation of a technical and economical reference.
  • Comparison between DC and AC architectures.

Publications and papers published

Oral communications