Scientific advances and innovation

  • Dynamic and real time simulation of the energy conversion and storage, coupled to a virtual component (electric grid) or a real component (battery).
  • Autonomous experimentation platform for grid integration of marine energies.
  • Optimal energy management adapted to the periodicity and evolution of the resource.

The SeaStorage project is coordinated by CEA Tech.

Expected technical and economic impact

  • Sizing and marinization of an energy storage system
  • Optimization of the resource use
  • Simulation and wave energy farm production forecasting tools
  • Components systemic design

Key project milestones

  • November 2014 - Project kick-off
  • January 2016 - HiL generator bench
  • January 2017 - HiL storage bench / EMS algorithms validation
  • November 2017 - Containerized storage system, EMS algorithms integration


  • Prototyping bench and Hardware in the Loop (HiL) simulation
  • Containerized electrochemical storage system