• The mean overestimation of the Floating WindCube v2 Turbulence Intensity measurements : ~0.03 (at Fécamp, buoy WINDSEA_02)
  • No meteoceanic conditions can ensure a proper TI measurement from the FLS : need for a correction of the motion induced TI
  • We have created a model that quickly evaluates the 10min TI error induced by the motion of the buoy : inputs: the six degrees of freedom of a IMU and the 10min mean wind speed data from the floating lidar
  • Using the model drastically reduces the TI measurement error of the floating WindCube v2 : It increases the coefficient of determination and reduces the mean error to ~0.005 compared to the ground lidar (could be improved with clever spike removing methods)
  • More details in « Quantification and Correction of Wave-Induced Turbulence Intensity Bias for a Floating LIDAR System”, Remote Sensing 2021, 13, 2973 . https://doi.org/10.3390/rs13152973