Functionalities and services

The SSEF simulator is intended for energy operators, researchers, students and energy stakeholders aiming to build and test scenarios of the French mix. The model has a user-friendly interface, it integrates already built scenarios (RTE 2035 Ampère and Watt, Ademe 2050), and the user can also test alternative scenarios built for different installed capacities of generation and storage, export-import and total demand. The simulator includes an explanatory notice to make the user familiar with files and commands; while a more detailed manual presents model’s assumptions, the algorithm, and result analysis.

Disclaimer. The tool can be used for tests and analysis, to improve the understanding of the topic and the interaction with the academia researchers. However, for publication purposes, the approval of Université de Nantes is mandatory for further analyzing the scenarios tested by the user and the results obtained with this tool.




+ Download the SSEF Support Document (in french)

Example of MRE applications

Fixed off-shore wind.

The dispatching model simulates the integration into the grid of technologies included into the Energy Transition Act, and depicts in particular the deployment of off-shore wind energy. Hourly inputs are documented such as to realistically account for the site location along the French coasts and for wind turbine characteristics (see the website