Generic module allowing :

  • to control simultaneously different instruments to make deformation measurements (by electric or optical gauges), temperature (thermocouple or Pt100 probe), displacement (accelerometer and gyroscope) and positioning (GPS)
  • to acquire and save continuously or sequentially the measurement data
  • to send data continuously or sequentially to a data server via the Internet, GSM or IOT networks


  • Module designed to monitor all maritime and offshore structures, including EMR devices
  • Module configurable according to the applications
  • Module that can be interrogated and parameterized remotely via the Internet, GSM or IOT networks
  • Module that can preprocess data
  • Visualization of collected data as graphs on a web page

Example of MRE applications

Module tested under real conditions for 1 year in the scope of the SURFFEOL project carried by Chantiers de l’Atlantique

Test site UN SEA SMS of Nantes University, BIOCOLMAR buoy