Specific skills in the MRE field

  • The choice and development of materials according to the environment (including innovative materials)
  • Knowledge of degradation mode
  • Choice of sustainability indicators
  • Choice and development of methods for determining indicators (destructive or not)
  • Declension in terms of monitoring and maintenance (SHM)

Test facilities applicable to MRE

Products or services in MRE

  • Département MAST (Materials and strctures) : Concretes in submarines (construction and indicators of durability), metallic materials and structures (fatigue and corrosion, including for cables), cables, composites, gluing.
  • Département GERS (Geotechnical engineering, Environment, Natural hazards and Earth sciences Department): Soil mechanics, soil-structure interactions, erosion, sedimentation, END.
  • Département COSYS : Monitoring, detection, fault localization, sensor networks, databases, dedicated web applications, instrumented composites.
  • Département AME : Acoustics (numerical modeling and experimental characterization).

Projects in MRE

  • Fondeol2 : Degradation modes of wind turbine foundations, metal jacket, SHM
  • Surffeol : Monitoring of off-shore wind turbine foundations
  • Océagen : Qualification of floating mooring cables
  • Everest : Instrumented composite blades

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