Besides measurement of reference flow parameters (i.e reference wind speed, flow temperature, hygrometry, atmospheric pressure), different types of measurement method can be employed in this wind tunnel:

  • 32-channel acquisition system equipped with 24 thermal anemometers dedicated to the use of single or multiple hot-wire probes,
  • stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry (SPIV) system composed of a 200mJ Nd-YAG pulsed laser, two 4M pixels cameras with their dedicated synchronization, acquisition and post-processing unit,
  • drag balance designed for the measurement of canopy element drag (< 0.5N),
  • unsteady wall-pressure transducers (8 channels) and mean pressure transducers (96 channels).
The SPIV system quasi-systematically employed in this wind tunnel provides measurements of the three-component velocity in a plane (typically more than 16 000 instantaneous velocity vectors), therefore allowing for the detailed investigation of turbulent flows within and above dense canopies.

Example of MRE applications


Experimental characterization of the influences of platform motions on floating wind turbines aerodynamic behavior and their wake


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