• A large geo-centrifuge (5.5m radius)
  • A payload of 2t at 100×g
  • A 4-axes robot for in-flight operations up to 100×g
  • An embarked earthquake simulator (sine or multi-frequency seismic inputs)
  • A set of 300 sensors
  • A series of hydraulic & electric jacks (force or displacement controlled)


  • Parametric studies (geometries, loadings,…)
  • Data acquisition in a macrogravity field, Image analysis
  • Technical support for the desing of small scale models
  • In-flight soil investigation (Penetrometer, T-Bar, vane, …)

Example of MRE applications

  • Characterisation of foundation systems such as piles, suction anchors, helical piles, shallow foundations
  • Monotonic, cyclic or seismic loadings