Day 1 : Market Day

Wednesday May 24th

On day one, we invite you to travel the world and experience Market Day in the Floating Wind Day (FWD) Hub!

Visit six major international markets, each housed in its own location in the FWD Hub; Italy, USA, UK, South Korea, Spain & Portugal and France. Each market has a rolling programme with sessions, where you can meet, engage and connect with leading figures in the markets you are interested in.


Day 2 : Supply Chain Day

Thursday May 25th

On day two, the FWD Hub will be transformed to take on the key themes and challenges facing the worldwide industry.

Top-notch supply chains are a key success ingredient for the industry; How can they perform better? What are the challenges and best solutions? Connect with the industry and take part in discussions on six main topics facing the worldwide industry. Each topic is housed in locations in the FWD Hub and will operate a rolling programme of sessions, meaning you can select the sessions that interest you most!