In three years, Wind Energy Asia has established itself as the largest, most international wind energy exhibition in Taiwan and the second largest in Asia.

Key Taiwanese players, in ship-building, steel and petrochemicals, leaders in their fields are located here. And the heavy industry in Kaohsiung is pushing to upgrade to create more added value and be greener.

To reduce its carbon footprint and increase its independence from foreign energy sources, Taiwan is committed to have 20% of its power (5.5GW) from renewables by 2025. And will then add 1GW per year till 2035, giving the market stability to develop over well more than a decade ahead.

The Conference will be held in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan from 8 – 10 March 2023 at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre.


Wind Energy Asia, Taiwan’s largest, most international wind expo, was held live in Kaohsiung from March 9-11, 2022, virtually from March 1 to 21.

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Bright Outlook
  • WEA Forum
  • Technical Seminar
  • Site Tour
  • Vessel Display
  • Welcome Reception / Networking Cocktail