Contenu de la formation

Students will spend their 1st semester in UCC (30 ECTS), the 2nd semester in UPV/EHU (30 ECTS) and the 3rd semester in ECN or NTNU (30 ECTS). The 4th semester will be devoted to the student’s Master thesis, hosted by any of the above mentioned universities or in the associate centers collaborating in this master.

In order to allow any student to choose among the optative offer (20,5 ECTS) corresponding to the first and second semesters, as will be shown next, a minimum number of 15 ECTS will be needed from any of the two specific specialization modules to be recognized as is, with the only condition of accounting a total amount of 30 ECTS per semester (including compulsory and optative subjects). No specialization module will be recognized to those students not addressing this minimum requirement. In this sense, the advice of the student’s supervisor is crucia




Compétences métiers

The completion of the master will prepare the student for a leadership role in various renewable energy and marine sectors. Students will be able to carry out high-level technical jobs in engineering companies, equipment manufacturers and other marine industries.

Marine and renewable energy companies and institutions increasingly demand specifically trained professionals with an advanced specific knowledge in various scientific and technological fields. This programme trains the student to face the technological challenges that harsh conditions offshore require.

Likewise, students will also be able to pursue research positions in Universities, Research and Development in technological poles, and other institutes.

Moreover, this programme has a network of associated centres formed by several world-renowned research institutions and companies entailing a great career opportunity for students. Not only they have a direct participation in the master teaching and hosting students for their master thesis but they also recognise that the learning outcomes of the REM programme are suitable for positions in their institutions/companies.