Résumé de la publication

In this paper, we will present work and results obtained during a « Grand Challenges » session on the new french supercomputer Irene Jolio-Curie with both partitions: one with 79 488 Intel Xeon
SkyLake Cores and 320 TB, the other with 56 304 Intel Xeon Phi KNL cores and 80 TB. The goal of such a project was to evaluate the scalability of our mesher [1], at such a large scale, on different hardwares. Running over tens of thousand of cores, validates the good scalability of the application,  but also allows loooking deep into some more practical aspects, such as the IO strategies and the possibility of graphically exploit such huge results.

« This work was carried out within the framework of the WEAMEC, West Atlantic Marine Energy Community, and with funding from the Pays de la Loire Region »

See WEAMEC EOS project