Specific skills in the MRE field

As commercial representative of Acta Marine, we operate a fleet of more than 40 vessels, and crews have an extended experience with offshore wind farms, as they assisted more than 30 projects in Northern Europe. The crews also have experience in ocean energies, as they are assisting the Minesto project in the Faroe Islands. Thanks to Kappa Offshore competences, we’re able to offer our solution right from the beginning of projects, for measuring campaigns, geophysics and environmental studies, up to the decommissioning of offshore installations.

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Test facilities applicable to MRE

We offer to assist pilot and prototype structures deployments on test sites, thanks to our vessels and crews.

Products or services in MRE

  • Measurement campaigns at sea thanks our vessel fleet: M/V ALMA KAPPA, 12 multipurpose vessel of Alma Shipping and more than 40 vessels operated by Acta Marine. Total, over 50 vessels adapted to offshore works. They can be equipped with any type of sensor, there’s sufficient space on deck to welcome a ROV, and any type of measuring material.
  • Analysis and studies carried out by Kappa Offshore engineering experts: anchorage, environmental, seismic studies, UXO surveys, amongst others.
  • Tug, towage, floating structures deployments, anchor handling are examples of maritime activities we can offer, thanks to our vessels.

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Projects in MRE

We implemented an agency in the french region “Pays de la Loire”, as it’s highly dynamic in the MRE sector. We offer our equipment, competences and know-how at the service of the MREs along all the French metropolitan coastline. Our team of 2 people in Saint-Nazaire will be completed according to the company’s development in the region along with the growing opportunities: offshore wind, prototype deployments, pilot farms etc.

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Training in the MRE field

Audrie Jordan, sales director based in Saint-Nazaire attended the WEAMEC MRE vocational training jointly conducted by Centrale Nantes and the Nantes University in 2017.