Specific skills in the MRE field

The Sea Sciences Digital University, hosted by Université de Nantes, offers trainings in connection with the MREs such as master degrees and short term courses and certified trainings.

Short term courses are derived from the master training programs.

Topics such as law and maritime safety, engineerings, humanities and economics are covered.

Training in the MRE field

Short term courses are derived from the master’s teaching programme. They are provided to individuals independently from master’s degree programmes or within the framework of a partnership, an university, an employing organisation or operator dealing with the skills-building of managers, engineers, elected officials or with local government employees in the field of maritime activity. These training courses are based on autonomous education through distance learning techniques. In addition to this, exchange between trainees is set up by means of collaborative tools, virtual teaching, videoconferencing and face-to-face group meetings.

There are 4 available formats:

  • Focal Point: 2 to 7 hours in which to appropriate a specific subject or method: – Either in complete self-learning or through virtual teaching supplemented by on-line documents.
  • Practical: 4 to 12 hours of training in how to design strategy, apply knowledge in a specific case and design one’s own methodological tools in a work context; Self-reading and collaborative work on-line; Introduction, stage review and conclusion through virtual teaching.
  • Panorama: around 15 hours of training: – Self-learning plus one half-day of virtual teaching.
  • In-depth: 20 to 40 hours of training: – Self-learning, interaction activities plus 1 to 2 days of virtual teaching, videoconferencing or group meetings; Hotline tutoring and discussion forum throughout the whole training period.


UN e-SEA develops masters degree through distance learning in Sea Sciences.

Main training topics :

  • Geography and Maritime Spatial Planning
  • Law and Maritime Safety
  • Marine Civil Engineering
  • Maritime Economics