60 parallel technical sessions

EWTEC2015-a session

The 300 papers selected by the international selection committee after peer review were presented in 60 parallel sessions from Monday to Thursday noon.

The sessions topics were defined following the EWTEC thematic tracks:

  • wave / tidal resource characterization
  • wave / tidal device development and testing
  • wave / tidal hydrodynamic modelling & structural mechanics
  • grid integration, PTO & control
  • station keeping, mooring, material, fatigue, loadings,..
  • environmental impact and appraisal
  • economical, social, legal & political aspect of MRE

You can find the full papers by purchasing the proceedings of the conference here.



Public exhibition about MRE

On the occasion of the EWTEC 2015 conference, the LHEEA lab organized a public exhibition on Marine Renewable Energies. The exhibition aims to introduce the public to the different types of emerging marine renewable energies, describing the operating principles and the maturity of the technologies, highlighting the remaining technological and scientific challenges.