Training content

The course Géographie et aménagement des espaces maritimes is one of the possible courses in master 2.

Master GAED, parcours Géographie et aménagement des espaces maritimes trains specialists in the spacial management of coastal and maritime areas, around a very wide range of issues (management of sectors, coastal urbanization, coastal erosion, preservation of the environment, consultation , planning, prospective, etc.).

This programme is taught in French.

Specific contribution to MRE

The labor market in the field of coastal and maritime development consists of “niches”, and this course is designed to respond to this diversity of employment opportunities.
The typical job is that of “studies” or “littoral” missions, declined in the various fields and structures of the development, including: development, monitoring, evaluation of planning processes in coastal zone (community, office of study), coastal zone management (association, community), responsible for sector studies (wind developer, fishing committee, etc.), etc.
Research, a research engineer or doctorate, is also a professional opportunity at the end of the Master’s degree.