Training content

The OSMA training approaches the following themes:

Maritime regulations:
– French Law Requirements
– International and EU statutory framework for Maritime Safety
– Statutory texts
– Marine aids for machinery and wind farm (IALA Code) ;
Maritime English and SMCP (Standard marine communication phrases)
– Knowledge of the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) and SAR procedures (Search And Rescue)
– Use of a VHF radio on simulator
Human element:
– The operator in a hazardous environment
– Management of the resources, the tasks and the workload ;
– Decision-making techniques
Maritime security:
– Security threats and techniques
– Navigational equipment
– Navigation close to and within a wind farm
– Manoeuvring rules and risks within an Offshore wind farm
– Impacts of an Offshore wind farm on the radar display
– Man overboard manoeuvring

The training is dispensed by professors of the ENSM.

Specific contribution to MRE

The objective of this training is to inform non-sailing staff and wind farm staff about maritime environment peculiarities.