It is essential that the right support reaches the right projects at the right time and that technology developers are able to navigate the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) journey, bringing them from concept stage, to modelling/tank testing and ultimately to at-sea deployments with appropriate financial backing.


Collaborative Innovation Group (CIG)

Within OPIN, a Collaborative Innovation Group (CIG) is a small group of SMEs, often working with research entities and / or large companies, to solve specific problems which are barriers to deployment of offshore renewable energy and offer opportunities for new products, services or markets.



Through this CIG, the OPIN partners would like to offer SMEs working in offshore renewable energy to join a group on pre-commercial funding to share lessons learnt after experiencing these issues first-hand and to learn from others.

The primary objective of this CIG is to share information and experience such that these offshore renewable energy technology developers that are at the very start of the TRL and funding journey, leave with sufficient knowledge to be able to take those next steps from a more informed position.


How to apply?

Please have a look at the document to download at the bottom of the page with more information.

If this sounds interesting to you, send an email at before Friday 10th December 2022.