Scientific advances and innovation

The Dyna-Rev project aims, in the scope of a 6 months internship, to undertake a bibliography study of complex hydro-dynamics processes of the area and to carry out an analysis of morphological evolution based on the several set of data acquired by SEMREV for several years. The second objective of Dyna-Rev is to settle a hydro-sedimentary numerical model at regional scale in order to assess morphological evolution on the area highlighted as sensitive and following different scenarios

Expected technical and economic impact

This Dyna-Rev project establishes an upstream approach aimed at evaluating the environmental properties of the area in terms of morphodynamics as well as testing and advising about viable techniques for surveys of cable burial.

Key project milestones

  • 04/2018 - Beginning of the project
  • 09/2018 - End of the project


Considering all challenges related to keep the sea test site in operational conditions, the complexity of morpho-dynamics processes of the area and the effort carried out by ECN for several years for environmental monitoring, the area represent an innovative research framework and an applicative tool to understand morpho-dynamics processes and their impact on MRE structure.


  • Apparent inapplicability of measurements from TSS surveys. The evolution of burial they provide is not coherent with the one inferred from historical database of bathymetric survey, as long as the cable is stable and not moving in the sediment layer.
  • Coherency of bathymetric surveys, with mean accuracies in the order of magnitude of O(10cm) for the area
  • Still, some specific local inaccuracies from several surveys
  • Numerical tools hardly able to combine both coastal circulation and sea states as hydrodynamic forcing regarding morpho dynamic processes at intermediate depths

Publications and papers published

  • Master 2 Intership Report


This project has demonstrated the need for new development of treatment of hydrographic survey data, or for chains of sensors able to retrieve an accurate estimation of cable burial.