Scientific advances and innovation

The aerodynamic sensors, the eTellTale sensor developed by Mer Agitée and a wireless pressure sensor, are chosen to be easily embedded on the blade and robust. The ability of these sensors to detect states of the flow on the aerodynamic surface will be evaluated in wind tunnels using a 2D blade section (scale 1/10 and full scale) in severe conditions (gust and frost).

Expected technical and economic impact

If the blade angle is incorrectly adjusted or if the wind turbine is out of alignment with the wind, sensors can detect it. In addition, the sensors will characterize the main sources of noise from wind turbine blades. The project’s objectives are to increase the life span of wind turbines and reduce their noise impact for local residents.

Key project milestones

  • 03 octobre 2019 - Kick Off


These sensors will then be tested at full scale on a wind farm operated by VALOREM at Saint-Hilaire de Chaléons (Pays-de-loire). It must be emphasized that the wind turbine is already the subject of a structural monitoring from civil engineering researchers of GIS LIGERC. A full database will thus be available and used for interdisciplinarity emulation inside the wind energy team of GIS PERLE.