Scientific advances and innovation

The project propose to provide an accurate description of two necessary aspects:
– the Wake-Induced Turbulence using original drone measurements (WP1, WIND INFLOW)
– the impact of this Wake-Induced Turbulence on aerodynamic loads using both wind tunnel measurements and CFD computations (WP2, AERODYNAMIC BLADE LOADS).

Expected technical and economic impact

Then, these improved descriptions will be implemented in the aero-elastic wind turbine design solvers (WP3, AERO-ELASTIC SOLVERS) for a better estimation of aero-elastic loads. Due to the improvement of the Wake-induced Turbulence description (WP1), this project will also provide a first step towards optimized wind farm layouts in dense configurations, in terms of both energy yield and load reduction.

Key project milestones

  • 2020 - Kick Off
  • 2024 - Project end


The LHEAA’s aerodynamic wind tunnel will be used for measurements in the MOMENTA project.