Scientific advances and innovation

The MONEOL project is focused on the instrumentation of an on-shore wind turbine with an inertial sensor network whose responses allow the detection of vibration modes specific to the wind turbine, in particular the mast, and real-time monitoring of these responses.

  • The adaptation of the Morphosense ribbon (developed by CEA Tech) for the reconstruction of curves applied to modal analysis and dynamic measurement of structures
  • The system sensors-structure modeling which link the measures with mechanical structure behavioral
  • Identification and detection algorithms to monitor the mast structure during the operation of the wind turbine

Expected technical and economic impact

  • Predictive maintenance of MRE structures
  • Reduced maintenance facility costs (OPEX)
  • Remote monitoring and real-time health status
  • Extend the life of the offshore installations

Key project milestones

  • November 2014 - Project kick-off
  • January 2016 - Analysis of wind turbine structure behavior
  • January 2017 - Predictive model


A complete monitoring system will be investigated within the MONEOL project : sensor nodes, data transmission, software and IHM.


The MONEOL project is followed by the MONEOL 2 project.