Scientific advances and innovation

There is several objectives of this project: to bring this work to offshore wind turbines; search for signatures in wider frequency bands; study the response of offshore floaters and their mooring.

One of the challenges is to find the signatures of rotating elements (blades) without direct instrumentation. Instruming these elements is indeed more expensive and more impacting on the structure.

In addition, the sensor technology will be suitable for monitoring the fatigue life cycle of moving wire structures (dynamic electrical connection cable and mooring) in the case of an off-shore wind turbine.

The ultimate goal is to propose a global method of health monitoring for offshore wind turbine.

Expected technical and economic impact

  • Predictive maintenance of MRE structures
  • Reduced maintenance facility costs (OPEX)
  • Remote monitoring and real-time health status
  • Extend the life of the offshore installations

Key project milestones

  • 2019 - project launch
  • 2022 - end of the project