Scientific advances and innovation

  • Development of monitoring solution based on DIC method
  • Development of a robotic camera positioning structure to scan the inner surface of the blade
  • Automatic generation of alert messages

Expected technical and economic impact

The project results should enable the industrial to optimize and thus reduce the costs of its maintenance operations based on the health status monitoring and also on eventual alerts received, rather than periodic preventive maintenance. The technology developed can also be employed in other industrial sectors for large structures monitoring.

Key project milestones

  • June 2019 - Launch of the project
  • September 2019 - Definition of the defects to be monitored
  • January 2020 - Development of the detection system on a mock-up
  • September 2020 - Test results at a representative scale
  • September 2021 - Optimization of data processing
  • October 2021 - End of the project


Monitoring solution developed in project will be evaluated during test scheduled in a real blade.


The skills acquired during this project will enable the IRT Jules Verne to offer another option of SHM solutions to other industrial sectors by adapting this solution to other specific contexts and needs.