Scientific advances and innovation

The purpose of the project is to provide to SEM-REV sea test site an underwater inspection system, integrating a ROV-AUV (Remotely Operated Vehicule or Autonomous Underwater Vehicule) and its positioning system, allowing to contribute to R&D activites on strategical component for MRE (Marine Renewable Energy) system, to improve environmental monitoring and to reduce sea test site and developpers OEM costs.
Equipement will benefit to R&D activities for improving understanding of biofouling effect on MRE system in order to consider it better for mooring system design and maintenance phases. Image and video data will also be used for environmental monitoring of the sea test site and research projects associated. Furthermore, the equipement will be used as a docking support for robotics technological modules development ongoing in the academic or industrial sector.

Expected technical and economic impact

Having its own underwater inspection system will favour the development and implementation of innovative method adapted to MRE system specificities and benefit to the safety of the operation in intermediate depth. Equipment will contribute to reduce sea test site and developpers OPEX costs, and thus will enhance SEM-REV attractiveness.

Key project milestones

  • June 2020 - Start of the project
  • September 2020 - Acquisition of the system