Scientific advances and innovation

The TC2 Focus project will acquire the environmental data needed to understand, evaluate and control environmental impacts of the MRE. This will be especially relevant to emerging themes with a major stake in the field of MRE such as the reef effect. The collocated measurements carried out on SEM-REV on both environmental conditions and effects of the MRE; aim to allow comparisons and validations of knowledge, tools and methods on in situ cases.

Expected technical and economic impact

The interest of TC2 Focus project data is broad because the data acquired can be used in different ways:

  • The studied parameters are fundamental in the understanding of the biological cycles; they will be able to support or refute scientific hypotheses in particular within the framework of research project ANR-FEM ABIOP and MHM-EMR as well as in the project WEAMEC ECHOSONDE. The water quality data will also be used as reliable input for engineering or model calibration for the kinetic of biofouling growth coupled with MRE fatigue calculations.
  • The results of this project will strengthen the environmental monitoring database of the SEM-REV test site. This database provides the input of an annual report submitted to the State services;
  • Centrale Nantes provides some of these acquired environmental data (wave and wind data) on its website and to other monitoring networks (Candhis Networks and the WindMorbihan website). In the same way, the data acquired with the TC2 Focus project will be made available on the SEMREV website and will feed the water quality monitoring networks.
  • The live turbidity data will also be of used by regional social and recreational activities associations (scuba diving, spearfishing, etc.).


Key project milestones

  • Choice of sensor characteristics - July-October 2018
  • Sensor assembly and device installation - February-March 2019
  • Data acquisition - March 2019 to March 2020
  • Sensor calibration - March-April 2020
  • Data acquisition - April 2020 to April 2021


2019 operations :

Picture taken on March 29, 2019 during the first deployment of the TC2 Focus probe (Credit: Centrale Nantes/SEM-REV)

Picture taken on November 18, 2019 during the second deployment of the TC2 Focus probe (Credit: Centrale Nantes/SEM-REV)

Picture taken on June 21, 2019 during a maintenance operation (Credit: Centrale Nantes/SEM-REV)