From a safety point of view, the probability of a vessel colliding during an avoidance maneuver by another vessel or drifting due to a propulsion failure can be considered to be significant.

On the other hand, digital simulations of ship collisions against fixed wind turbines such as jacket (Le Sourne, 2015) or monopile (Bela, 2017) and floating (Echeverry, 2019) wind turbines have clearly shown that for certain scenarios perfectly realistic, an impact at relatively low speed can lead to the collapse of the wind turbine on the deck of the ship. The consequences can be significant: loss of human life, perforation of the ship’s tanks causing pollution or even an explosion in the case of an LNG carrier, damage to the impacted wind turbines, rupture of the anchor lines leading to the drift of the platform and a collision of this one against other wind turbines in the park.