The translations are achieved using linear motors, the rotation is achieved by a brushless rotational element. All elements used are made by AFAG and can be used modularly. A control unit guides each DoF with a temporal resolution of 1ms. The motion system is controlled by Motion Perfect v5.0.3 software. The control modules are TRIO FLEX6 units, one for each axis. The axis can be controlled separately, as pairs or all three together. The table below shows the most relevant technical data regarding each AFAG module. The total weight of the motion system is approximately 25kg.



DoF/Name Max. Stroke Distance Max. Velocity
Dx / PDL40-01170-D27 170 mm 3 m/s
Dy / ES30-100-SL 100 mm 3.2 m/s
Ry / RE-75 360 ° 1200 °/s



This system, optimised for the operating conditions and dimensions of the LHEEA’s atmospheric wind tunnel, makes it possible to impose on a structure movements similar to flotation movements with a reduction scale of the order of 500th. The acquisition of a first identical device within the framework of the FLOATEOLE project also makes it possible to control two displacement systems simultaneously.

Example of MRE applications

It is particularly well suited to the study of the interaction between the floating wind turbine and its atmospheric environment, characterised by the development of a wake downstream of the wind turbine.