Renewable energy needs are expressed on all continents. The webminar will review these perspectives, the state of the art and the ambition of the European Union. The webminar will focus on the strengths of Offshore Wind and Ocean energy by making the link with the technologies developed in the Oil and Gas sector (theme #2). In particular, the assessment of world resources and the level of maturity of the main technologies will be presented: tidal energy, wave converters, ocean thermal energy converters and wind energy. The webminar will present shortly the principles of these technologies and will focus on the main ones: bottom fixed and floating wind turbines. In less than 30 years, offshore wind became a worldwide industry with one of the fastest growth rate of the energy sector. Current and planned developments will be presented. This webminar will also présent the advantages of the emerging technology of Floating  Wind Turbines. An introduction to Multi-Use Offshore Platforms will be offered, in connection with theme #4.


Franck SCHOEFS,  Université de Nantes

Jean-Christophe GILLOTEAUX, Ecole Centrale de Nantes


Magda TORRES, CAPACITES SAS/ IXEAD – Chloredetect project

Akrocéan and  Keops


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