Ruptures scientifiques et innovation

The formation of the first pan-European Network on an interdisciplinary marine wave energy approach will contribute to large-scale WEC Array deployment by dealing with the current bottlenecks. The WECANet Action aims at a collaborative approach, as it provides a strong networking platform that also creates the space for dialogue between all stakeholders in wave energy. WECANet’s main target is the equal research, collaboration and funding opportunities for all researchers and professionals, regardless of age, gender and location.

Impact technique et économique attendu

The main aim and objective of the Action is to tackle the current research and techno-economic challenges, bottlenecks and barriers which the marine renewable (wave) energy sector is facing today. For the large-scale deployment of these technologies, an interdisciplinary approach is necessary, by bringing together many different involved stakeholders. This will be achieved through the specific objectives detailed in the Technical Annex.

Dates clés du projet

  • 2019 - Launch of the WECANet Network