Specific skills in the MRE field

Control of the electricity transport and connection to the grid of new energy sources (largely renewable) and new charges (electric car). This comes in several challenges:

o the integration of modern means of transport based on power electronics (DC links – HVDC)
o the connection of renewable energies with new specifications concerning the system services of the transport network
o Evolution of modeling / simulation means (construction of large dynamic models, model reduction …)

The competence in complex systems modeling is also applied to the study of logistic flows for the construction of fixed or floating wind farms.

Projects in MRE

In order to build the smart grids of the future, the RTE-Centrale Nantes Chair seeks to bring together the best skills in several scientific disciplines. The unique alliance between automatic control and electrical engineering provides a tremendous opportunity to boost innovation and foster the necessary technological development.

Head of the chair RTE / Centrale Nantes : Bogdan Marinescu

Dynamic reconfiguration control for grid connection of offshore wind generation

Development of an experimental platform dedicated to the model testing of floating wind turbine in a wave basin through a software-in-the-loop approach

Exploratory study for the optimization of the supply chain of bottom fixed and floating offshore wind