Specific skills in the MRE field

The marine renewable energy (MRE) sector is a reality for Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port. The Haliade prototype offshore wind turbine is installed at the Le Carnet port facility, GE has located factories at Montoir de Bretagne on a 40-hectare industrial site, the Anemos (Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique) production facility and a logistics hub for the reception and assembly of offshore wind turbine components are now established in Saint Nazaire.

Nantes – Saint Nazaire offers this expanding sector its logistical solutions for the reception and processing of heavy or large-sized industrial assemblies. The port-based offer also includes the required infrastructures (quays, docks and basins) and equipment. Real-estate opportunities make it possible to accommodate new activities at the centre for industrial operations at Montoir de Bretagne and at the 100-hectare Le Carnet facility. Supported by the commitment of an entire Region, the MRE sector receives the port-related investments to match the stakes involved.

Test facilities applicable to MRE

The port offers 3 major sites for the reception of the MRE sector:

  • in Saint-Nazaire, a logistics hub of 12 ha, basins, quays reinforced to 15t/m2 and a 400 t bigue;
  • in Montoir, a 30 ha industrial pole in direct connection with the roll-on/roll-off and container terminals, and a quay reinforced to 15t/m2 with the presence of the GE factory for the assembly of offshore nacelles;
  • and at the Carnet site, a 110-hectare site under development.