Scientific advances and innovation

In BIOROV-GPS project we will tackle one of the limitations of AUV’s, that is accurate positioning with regards to the considered structure and we quantify the performance on the basis of user needs  (quantification of marine growth). The equipment aims to equip the BlueROV robot which has been subject to modifications and a leak test.

The project targets the acquisition of:

  • A GPS and its 3 beacons for global geo-positioning (CAD relationship);
  • An instrumented gauge allowing images to be badged at the ideal distance (the automatic calculation and stabilization software is developed as part of the GOROV project funded by the Carnot Mers Institute);
  • An electronic card adaptable to any ROV and integrating all the contextual data (turbidity probe, depth, GPS coordinates, distance badge);
  • A station equipped with coupons of beacon supports for quality tests in the basin or at sea (tests carried out as part of the GOROV project funded by the Carnot Mers Institute).

Expected technical and economic impact

The BIOROV-GPS project will make it possible, via the continuity of the development of a unique and differentiating know-how on the automatic analysis of bio-colonization by ROV (AuV), to improve the quality of the monitoring of anchor lines and umbilicals, particularly sensitive to bio-colonization, and which present technical specificities and issues in terms of security.

Key project milestones

  • 2021 - Acquisition of equipment