Scientific advances and innovation

Eight technologies will be tested on the SEM-REV offshore test site with FORESEA support from 2017 as part of the first 3 calls and 2 projects are already selected within the 4th call.

Applications from Geps Techno, Pytheas Technology, FMGC, FlexSense, A2V, Floatgen and Interdrones have been validated to test their technologies on the SEM-REV operated by Centrale Nantes.

  • GEPS TECHNO  / Projet IHES: offshore test of a wave power prototype of 100 kW.

  • FMGC: cast iron shells weighting electric cables on the bottom of the sea.

  • Floatgen: the offshore demonstration phase of this floating wind turbine prototype will be partially funded under the FORESEA project.
  • NEREIS Environnement  projet SEAc : on-site testing of acoustic sensors to characterize underwater ambient noise.

More informations about these projects on SEM-REV website

The other foresea test sites


Expected technical and economic impact

The FORESEA project aims to help bring ocean energy technologies to market by providing access to northwestern Europe’s world-leading network of test centres. Through the project, the performance of innovative ocean renewable energy technologies will be demonstrated in real sea conditions, helping to leverage the investment needed to take these new products to market. Access to test sites will be provided through a programme of competitive calls, run by the project’s consortium. Ocean Energy Europe will provide support to the test centres for project implementation.

Key project milestones

  • July 2016 - First call FORESEA
  • November 2016 - Second call FORESEA
  • June 2017 - Third call FORESEA
  • October 2017 - Fourth call FORESEA
  • January 2019 - Fifth call FORESEA