Scientific advances and innovation

  • Performing parametric studies on small scale centrifuged models and creating an experimental data base for several types of instrumented anchoring systems (e.g. open piles, helical piles,…) in several identified soils.
  • Comparing experimental results with existing design methods and identifying a pertinent deterministic model.
  • Taking into account soil variability in the identified deterministic model.

Expected technical and economic impact

  • Design optimization of floating wind turbine anchors.
  • Reduction of the geometrical and environmental impact of anchoring systems.

Key project milestones

  • January 2017 - Kick-off meeting
  • December 2017 - Experimental devices
  • June 2018 - Start experimental program
  • December 2018 - Data base structure
  • June 2020 - End experimental program
  • October 2020 - Closing symposium


  • Development of a dynamic driving system for open piles installation in centrifuge.
  • Device for installation of helical piles in centrifuge.
  • Development of an experimental database.

Publications and papers published



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