• Hammer (maximum stroke 25mm)
  • Hydraulic jack with hollow rod (adapting the altitude of the device to the pile settlement)
  • Connection bar (Fork-Motor)
  • Electric motor (rotation of the ram: max 1000 rpm)


  • Installation of instrumented model monopile at 100×g
  • Embedment generated equivalent to 25m (for Ø=5m)
  • Number of strokes per second at model scale : 30 (corresponding to 900 rpm)

Example of MRE applications

  • Pile driving followed by lateral cyclic loading



This equipment is used in the WEAMEC project REDENV EOL and in Semaan Maatouk’s thesis (2019-2022), co-funded by the Gustave Eiffel University and the Pays de la Loire Region, and entitled “Centrifuge modeling of the installation mode of offshore wind turbine monopiles”.