Scientific advances and innovation

This SCM equipment will strengthen the range of equipment that can be loaded in a geotechnical centrifuge for the detailed study of the mechanical strength of EMR structures. It will simulate multidirectional loading of the anchoring systems of floating MRE structures and therefore reproduce in a centrifuge, on reduced models, more complex stresses closer to those to which structures at sea are exposed.

The Gustave Eiffel University already has the possibility of tensioning a chain connected to a model anchor, the goal of this project is to acquire 2 additional axes at 120 ° (see figure below).

Expected technical and economic impact

This investment opens up new research perspectives, but also a priori evaluation of innovative structures at a lower centrifuge cost, before carrying out full-scale trials at sea. It is a useful and valuable investment to promote development and innovation in the field of MRE.

The acquisition of this new multidirectional anchor loading system increases the capacity for testing on centrifuged scale models used in research on off-shore foundations and anchors.

Key project milestones

  • 2021 - Order and delivery of the equipment
  • 2022 - Applications, in particular within MUTANC & MUTANC-GEOTECH projects.


In this project, the Gustave Eiffel University intends to develop a loading system in 3 directions at 120 ° on a centrifuge.


This new equipment is quite versatile and can be used on various foundation projects for offshore energy production structures.

It complements a whole set of equipment developed around the geotechnical centrifuge since 1985. Thanks to this device, it will undoubtedly be possible to more easily explore the behavior of anchors and particularly shared anchors.